CSR Activities

Goel Ganga Developments contributed to the Meher Baba Foundation for Peace and Social Upliftment (MPF) in August 2016. We made this donation to serve the EDUCATIONAL needs of less advantaged children in Pune. The Foundation is engaged with school-going children from the underprivileged sections of Society through its ‘Happy Meals’ Project.

Meher Peace Foundation has in turn offered this financial help to the Poona Night School, Saraswati Mandir Sanstha, which has some less advantaged students enroll for studies. This amount is being used for about 60 students and goes towards their tuition fees, text and note books as well as annual bus pass for their travel to and from home to school.

The aid for these children is timely and needed as their parents, engaged in menial jobs, can barely make ends meet. The monetary assistance goes a long way in ensuring that these children will continue with their studies i.e. will not drop out of school, and not worry about where they will find the money for their studies boosting them with confidence as they take strides in their academic careers. All this adds up to more than a secure & bright future for these children and their families.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be seen to be effective only when the help rendered reaches the grass roots. It is one way companies have, to transform lives at the micro level and build a strong future for the recipients of the help as well as the Society at large. Most companies lack the professional resources to identify where this help is most needed or to ensure it reaches the most needy populations. Partnerships between companies and trusted NGOs, who understand and work with the ground realities, is therefore becoming common in India. And these partnerships are doing a great job of filling in some lacunae in the areas of health, education, nutrition, environment to name a few.

The reward seen by the company extend a helping hand to a less advantaged section, be it children, men or women is to see their smile of gratitude and the kite of hope in their eyes. Meher Peace Foundation has been fortunate to see these on the childrens’ faces through the help they have received through us.