An Insight to Learning’s in Lockdown with Ankit Goel and Atomium Labs

An Insight to Learning’s in Lockdown with Ankit Goel and Atomium Labs

The real estate industry is an essential segment of this society. However, this lockdown has put a halt to this sector. The tough times’ Coronavirus outbreak brought to the lives can’t be compared with others. These unwanted situations and after-effects have made people strong to encounter hardships. It has given an acceleration to work from home and learning through webinars across the globe. In this segment, Ankit Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments, Pune, and Atomium Labs are collaborating in a webinar on 26th June 2020. 

The subject of this webinar is Real Estate: A Game of Passion and Planning by Ankit Goel. Atomium Labs is a media and communication firm based out of Pune with services in PAN India. It is a proud vertical of OOHTECH MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. The main purpose of this program is to bring an engaging activity during these tough times to add value to the lives and enhance learning while everyone is at home. This is how ‘Learnings in Lockdown’ happened. It is a place where the team interacts with people from all walks of life and communicates on different perspectives like there career, approach towards life, plans to handle the adversities of Coronavirus, etc.

All the sessions are conducted via Zoom App and Facebook Live. These webinars are free for everyone with mandatory registration. The team interacts with the speaker before the discussion to give it a stimulating and interactive feel. To date, the organization has invited 13 speakers from varied sectors like Music, Healthcare, Meditation, Self Healing, Media, Travel, and more. For this webinar, Ankit Goel is the speaker of the day, and he is about to discuss the various aspects of real estate, facts, and myths and everything the new buyers are looking forward to knowing. 

Ankit Goel is a familiar name in the property market with his keen interests in marketing and sales, purchase, and engineering. Additionally, he has fourteen years of experience in real estate which have benefited in achieving excellent results for the organization. Being a director of such a legacy, real estate group in Pune, he holds a distinct point of view concerning the industry. And through this webinar, he is going to socialize and answer questions like, what does a home means to him? How does he compare his work modules with other builders? What are the most important benefits of the homes that are built under Goel Ganga Developments? What parameters his company follows to choose the next location for any project? What are the tips to gain the trust of prospective buyers? What are the guidelines to handle customer grievances? 

And the most important topic is how the organization is coping with the pandemic? Because it has bumped the real estate market rigorously!

All these apprehensions will be immediately acknowledged by Ankit Goel, the enthusiastic leader at Goel Ganga Developments. In the end, with these engaging questions and topics, the event is expected to gain big applauds from the experts and new buyers.  

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