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Benifits to NRI investors - goelganga

With the prices of property in India touching record high, the real estate market has seen a visible upward trend in terms of growth. This in turn has resulted in massive investments from not only the residents all over the country, but also the Non Resident Indians (NRIs).

It’s true that for most NRIs, owning a property in India has a nostalgic sentiment attached to it. However, from the business point of view as well, investments in India prove to be advantageous, as they do not have to put in large amount, owing to the conversion rates.

With the commencement of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), the Indian Government has made investing for NRIs much simpler. Not only has it opened doors to receiving good returns to investment, it has also eased the tax implications.

It is therefore no surprise that about 30.5% of the NRIs choose to invest heavily in the real estate market of Pune.

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