The Green Side of Pune’s Metro Rail Project
Metro Rail Project

The Green Side of Pune’s Metro Rail Project

The Green Side of Pune’s Metro Rail Project

2021 is going to be the year Pune will get its first-ever metro rail- based rapid transit system in addition to its already-functioning BRTS system. As Pune’s transport system worsens with longer travel time, increased air pollution and rise in the number of road accidents, this is a brilliant move by the Government of Maharashtra to convince Puneites to leave their vehicles at home.

Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, MAHA Metro has said in an interview that among other benefits, the Metro Rail project will be commuter friendly and environmentally sustainable. This means it will divert traffic from the roads into its trains, thus reducing pollution, conserving precious fossil fuels and leading to lesser number of road accidents. No more weather woes! Also, the Metro’s energy needs will be met majorly by solar energy.

In the process of building the rail lines, 685 trees are estimated to be cut down to make way. To counterbalance this, MAHA Metro is targeting to plant at least ten trees more for every tree hacked. Apart from this, there are also plans for rainwater harvesting, water recycling plants and bio-digester technology for waste management.

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